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Center of Excellence

Nurturing and Harboring Innovation at the grass root level thru an inclusive platform of engagement

Objective of the Initiative

  • To foster innovation and entrepreneurship in colleges
  • Strengthen competencies of students in the field of Design.
  • Accrue value to the local design economy thru opportunity, education and skilling

Tenets of the Program

The fundamental pillars of engagement thru this program are


This Center of Excellence works on specific projects that are could be based on student ideas or industry problems. The success of the center depends on the ability of the students to realize these ideas. It is critical that projects limit themselves to reasonable time-lines, host college ensures continuity, ecosystem participation.

  • The primary focus of COE is to support innovation at the grass root level and undertake projects that have potential for local industry adoption, skilling of students and creating employment in ecosystem.
  • COE centers are inclusive in nature
  • COE center is building and accelerating relevant skills amongst the students, convert ideas into products and foster entrepreneurship
  • This center is acting as an incubation facilities in colleges

Outcomes expected from this COE

  • Innovation and IP
  • Incubation and Entrepreneurship
  • Jobs
  • Skilling and Certification
  • Image and Visibility
  • Network connectivity
  • Industry association and direct benefits
  • Government endorsement and support

What is this COE?

  • This COE is a state of art technology facilities hosted by Takshshila Inst. Of Engg. And Technology in association with TATA Technologies and Dassault Systemme for collaboration on innovative research, technology or Design solutions, involving a combination of government, academic and industry participants.
  • This platform is a hub for collaboration on innovative, technology or design solutions, involving a combination of colleges, universities, government, quasi-government bodies, industry and industry body and partners.
  • This platform creates an environment to spark innovation in students, design professionals, university students, faculty, entrepreneurs and governments access to world-class resources.
  • This center tunes its programs to local needs, they all provide similar content and services designed to accelerate technology advances and stimulate local software economies through skills and professional training, industry partnerships and innovation

Ownership and Operations of this Innovation Center

  • This COE is a physical center hosted and owned by Takshshila in association with TATA Technologies and Dassault Systemme
  • The College supports this Innovation Platform by providing the necessary infrastructure and equipment necessary to support innovation
  • The college takes the responsibility to manage and drive the platform, support financial execution of projects and maintaining continuity of the platform year on year.
  • Management is committed and have set aside a budget of INR Rs.10 Lacs per year to support activities on this platform meant for their students.
  • An Innovation Platform director is the single point of contact for external stake holders.
  • A manager/administrator/co-coordinator has been nominated by the college to support and monitor day to day activities internally.
  • College management, industry nominees, COE and other relevant partners of the ecosystem have constituted a steering committee (SC) to provide direction to the Innovation Platform.
  • SC meet quarterly or monthly as required. While a similar body called a working body (WB) has been constituted to monitor Innovation Platform activities and programs every month.
  • College Chairperson participates in both the bodies for the success of this initiative.
  • This Innovation Platform is expected to reach self- sustain mode (limited funding from college) after 3 years.
  • Ecosystem contributions and sponsorships can be leveraged to sustain an Innovation Platform at any time by the host college.
  • Tata Technologies and Dassault Systemme are contributing its software stack for Innovation Platform utilization, guidance, training in software relevant to the projects undertaken, ecosystem relationships, partnerships, entrepreneurship curriculum, program connectivity along with annual ecosystem conferences and competitions.

Infrastructure of this COE

  • Innovation center is hosted in an identifiable space in a college
  • This space hosts 1 project labs, 1 small conference rooms with writing boards and 1 training room
  • All systems are networked (cabled/wireless)
  • 1Mbps Internet connectivity
  • Essential furniture and small waiting area
  • Telephone connectivity(VoIP or normal)
  • Security and 24x7 access

Validity period of this COE?

This COE has been established for life time provided the necessary infrastructure and necessary software up gradation is done at the right time.

Typical Outcomes measured by COE

  • Patents filed from center
  • Startups incubated in center
  • Employment or internships created by center
  • Activities(number of Innovation activities, type of activities, # of participants in each activity)
  • Programs and outputs(training programs, # of participants, type of programs, duration, mentors, # of faculty trained, ideation event outcomes, etc)
  • Faculty participation in programs and in delivery
  • Inclusion of nearby colleges and students(# of participants from each college)
  • Usage Metrics(# of students or faculty that have used the facility)
  • Faculty connection program participation
  • Certifications achieved
  • Management participation and commitment in programs
  • Events Sponsored by TATA Technologies and Dassault Systemme

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