Alumni Association


Library Rules


  • To get the library services; Students, Faculty & Staff members must register in the library by filling the registration form and submit the same along with latest passport size photograph. This entitles them to borrow books from the library.
  • Library Cards

  • The issue of library cards for student is regulated as follows-
  • 4 Cards for BE, M.Tech & MBA Students.
  • Only one book can be borrowed on one card for maximum of 25 days.
  • Library card is not transferable - The library card is the key to accessing library services. One should not allow any person to use his/her card, otherwise he/she will be held responsible for all items borrowed against his/her card.
  • If your card is lost or stolen, one should inform library immediately. The member will be held responsible for material borrowed on the card until library is informed officially.
  • Duplicate card will be issued on payment of Rs.25/- for each card.
  • All the student members should return issued books, clear dues if any at the end of the academic year and obtain “No Dues” certificate.
  • Issue and return of the books

  • Students may normally have up to 4 books at any point of time.
  • Faculty may have up to 5 books. TA & staff members may have up to 3 books at any given time.
  • Renewal of the book will be allowed only if there is no more demand of the same book.
  • Books that are in much demand may be lent for a shorter period and books lent out may also be recalled at any time.
  • If there is a holiday and on the same day there is a library period of any class, issue/return of books will be permissible on the next working day.
  • Members must return reading material on or before the due date

    Loss of book

  • A lost book should be immediately reported to the library by a written application. He/she will be given one-month time for finding and return of the book. In case he/she fails to return the book after one month from the date of reporting, he/she will be charged a fine of Re.1/- per day per book till he/she replaces the lost book with a new book of the same title, same author & latest/same edition. In case he/she is unable to replace the book he/she will have to pay the cost of the book & Rs.50/- (Rs. Fifty only) as a processing charge, however, Current conversion rate will be counted for foreign books.
  • Special categories of material

  • Reference books and Multi-volume books like dictionaries, encyclopedias, bound volumes of journals and rare books will not be issued. Reference material including journals and newspapers are for use in the library only and are not to be taken out of the library premises.

“Members must carry their library cards & College ID card with them at all times and be prepared to show it on request. Services will not be provided without proper library identification”