Message from Secretary

Education is really important to us. We think it’s a way to fight against being lazy and average. Our institute aren’t just about teaching stuff; they’re places where people get smarter, stronger, and more emotional. Learning engineering is like finding a big treasure of science facts and making you a better person. We work hard to make this happen. For the past 20 years, our institute has stuck to this idea, thanks to everyone in our team. Our students have got great jobs because of our hardworking placement team. We’re excited to welcome new students and want them to join our big family. We know education isn’t just about classes. It’s about teaching good values, being creative, and being tough when things are hard. We’re here to help students succeed in college and also become kind and good people. Let’s keep making education better together. Welcome to our institution, where learning is not just a trip, but a cool adventure that lasts forever.

Mr. Suresh Parchani

Secretary, Takshshila Institute of Engineering & Technology