M.Tech- Computer Science and Engineering

Course Overview

Computer science is about problem solving. Thus, the qualities of a good student include a passion for finding elegant solutions, an ability to use mathematical analysis and logical rigor to evaluate such solutions, creativity in modeling complex problems through the use of abstractions, attention to details and hidden assumptions, an ability to recognize variants of the same problem in different settings, and being able to retarget known efficient solutions to problems in new settings. If you like to solve puzzles, then computer science is for you!

Department of Computer Science and Engineering acts as the nurturing ground for young professionals who can make their mark and to create a talent pool for various industries. The basic aim of the department is to maintain excellence in academics as well as research. The students are given an opportunity to obtain sound understanding of the concepts. Their foundation in Computer science will be such that they would be preferred by the industries and service sector to meet the global requirements. The department focuses on the study of theoretical foundation of information and computation and of practical techniques for their implementations and opportunity in computer science.

Taking into account the speed at which the world is changing, it is increasingly apparent that the right education is the guiding light that will enable us to retain clarity of thought and vision. The Department of CSE with awareness and adaptability ingrained in our foundation brings up students academically competent, ethically sensitive and socially active.


PEO I: To provide students with the basic principles and practices in Computer Science Engineering by laying solid foundation in mathematics and science.

PEO II: To educate students with good breadth of knowledge in Computer Science Engineering so as to analyze, design and synthesize data to create novel products.

PEO III: To inculcate professional ethics along with effective communication to perform supportive and leadership roles.

Vision :

To upgrade the department as center of excellence in Computer related skills and produce global standards in Software Industry.

Mission :

  • The mission of the program is to provide quality technical education to face the future challenges with confidence and courage.
  • To produce globally competent , quality computer professionals.
  • To promote strong communication skills and the ability to function effectively as part of a team.
  • To inculcate the spirit of moral values for the cause of development of our nation.
  • The computer science and engineering program is aimed for preparing its graduates to become intellectual leaders in industry , government and academia.

Course Snapshot

Intake 24 Seats.
Course Duration2 Years
Eligibility CriteriaAdmission to Post Graduate Programme in M.E/M.Tech are made through the B.E./B.Tech/MCA with 60 % in relevant field.
Mode of Selecttion Through counseling conducted by Directorate of Technical Education (DTE), Bhopal on the basis of Gate/Non Gate.

Course Content

The Department of Computer Science & Engineering is conducting courses like Advanced Data Structures and Algorithm, Advanced Computer Architecture, Object Oriented Technology, Advanced Computer Networking, Web Technology and Commerce, Advanced Concept in Data Bases, System Programming, etc. There are many courses to develop the programming skills of the students and good programming practices like Web technology, Data Structures, Object Oriented Analysis & Design.

Each subject has associated tutorials to discuss problems and to have better learning outcomes. Most of the subjects have respective lab classes to have practical understanding of the topics. Facilities

General Facilities
General computing facilities are available for both administrative activities (such as the preparation of research reports and technical publications) and research needs that are not supported by other dedicated equipment. The main server systems are multi-core multiprocessors with large main memories and large disk arrays for storage. Personal workstations and laptops from a variety of vendors are used by faculty, staff, and students throughout the department.

Educational Facilities
The Computer Science department operates nine instructional laboratories. These Laboratories are used for both undergraduate and post graduate computer science courses and include over 250 Pentium- IV based workstations. Supported operating systems include Windows XP, Vista, Linux.

I/O Equipment
The department operates both special-purpose output devices as well as general output equipment, including laser printers, color printer, video projectors. The CS department provides video conferencing in dedicated locations.

Networking Services
The department is strongly committed to state-of-the-art networking technology to provide access to and communication among its systems, as well as to those elsewhere on campus and throughout the world. Our departmental infrastructure supports 14 gigabit per second data rates to the desktop throughout our two buildings. The campus is connected to multiple high speed Internet backbones, including fiber optics cable and Wi-Fi. Career Options

Careers in Computer Science
The demand for skilled computer scientists is expected to increase over the next decade as technology continues to touch nearly every facet of modern business, encompassing the disciplines of software engineering, graphics, networks, databases, multimedia and artificial intelligence. Computer science graduates might pursue careers in research or in application development positions in industry, government, business, and academia.

Despite the dot-com bust, technology continues to touch nearly every facet of modern business.

You may work at a large software company, a hospital or insurance company, college or university, or city, state, and federal government offices, from large corporations to small business, IT professionals find employment in a variety of industries.